What we do.


Helping to Innovate and Accelerating Research

Help in preparation of scientific papers and other technical publications. Offer Industrial partnership to augment research proposals and projects. Plan, manage and deliver research activities in Industry.​

  • H2020 programs

  • Scientific Papers Publishing

  • Collaboration with Universities research teams and laboratories

  • R&D for Industry Projects

  • Post-Doc projects and PhDs Student specific projects

Giving Insights and Proposing Efficient Solutions

Provide consulting expertise to help fast-track system and software modernisation at every phase of the development life cycle.​

  • Architecture & Systems, Performance and Optimisation

  • Code & Performance Optimisation

  • Porting Legacy and related project management

  • HPC Life Cycle

  • IT Projects for HPC, AI, Big Data Analytics, Edge Computing


Transferring Skills & Knowledge

Provide technical and hands-on software development training across a range of disciplines for Industry and Research including Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Weather, Engineering, Financial Services and Manufacturing.


  • EMEA, North America, Asia Pacific

  • Tutorials, Workshops, Hands-on

  • Code Dungeons & Hackathons

  • Embedded Academy & White labeled programs

  • OEMs Custom Programs

  • Private or Public training courses

  • Standard course or taylor-made, 


See our Training page on www.bayncore.com/training